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At Tove Learning Trust we are committed to improving the teaching and learning of all our academies. One of the ways in which we achieve this is by creating connections across all the schools in order for our talented teachers to share their best practice with one another. This network of experienced individuals aids us in achieving a consistently high standard of teaching, leading to an improvement in the outcomes of our students.Aims and Principles March 2022

Our Teaching and Learning Aims:

1. Driving up the quality of teaching and learning

  1. Founded on TLT Aims and Principles
  2. Adopting a consistency without conformity approach – “The TLT Way”
  3. Encouraging a self-improving culture
  4. Ensuring practice is evidence-based and sustainable
  5. ‘Owned’ by the school – work with School Improvement Team and Heads to ensure it is embedded

2. Supporting schools in developing their teachers and leaders

  1. Personalised programme of CPDL – true professional development
  2. Progression for all teachers regardless of experience or status
  3. Working with CPD leads to establish local need
  4. Supporting schools in supporting ‘developing’ teachers

3. Establish Tove Learning Trust as being at the forefront of T&L pedagogy and practice

  1. Establish and develop champions
  2. Share only best and next practice
  3. Create a knowledge base of best and next
  4. Share and establish as the norm – engage in wider educational development


School Improvement Support Menu:

From January 2024

Trust wide support and development

  • Joint training day for all staff - Nov 2020/Nov 2021/Oct 2022/Oct 2023
  • Regular networking for Teaching and Learning Leads across all schools and phases
  • Dedicated T&L Google Site with access to all CPD materials
  • Access to The National College online CPD library and personalised learning tracking
  • Dedicated teaching and learning term available for support and advice as needed
  • Attendance and assessment data support and advice
  • T&L Framework Review - Annual 360 review of T&L at each school

Science, Maths, English and Humanities Subject Specific Support and Wider School Support (EYFS, SEND and general T&L)

  • Dedicated and personalised subject specific support and challenge from experienced School Improvement Directors (2 x Science, 1 x Maths, 1 x English, 1 x Humanities)
  • Dedicated and personalised support and challenge from experienced School Improvement Directors (EYFS, T&L and SEND/Inclusion)
  • Local authority/provision advice and support (SEND)
  • Lesson visits
  • Work sampling
  • Leadership support
  • Subject knowledge support
  • Individual teacher pedagogy support
  • Student voice
  • Curriculum review, planning and advice
  • Subject reviews
  • Access to network of other relevant subject leads and teachers across the trust
  • Any additional support required by the school

Leadership support and developement

  • Bespoke middle leader and aspiring middle leader programme (70 delegates to date)
  • Bespoke senior leadership and aspiring senior leadership programme
  • NPQSL and ECT trained facilitators
  • Individual leadership coaching and mentoring as required

Registered Office:
Tove Learning Trust, c/o Sponne School, Brackley Road, Towcester, Northamptonshire, NN12 6DJ
01327 350284

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Registered Number: 07525820